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Edmonds Web Design is the company and resource for providing Edmonds with the best information for success online.  Edmonds Web Design is owned and operated by Joel Reinke (a.k.a. Mountain MultiMedia) with his team of experts and has 18+ years of experience with:

  • Web Design,
  • Graphic Design,
  • Marketing, and
  • Programming

Joel is a lifetime resident of Edmonds, WA and is involved in the community and the arts.  The big goal for the company is to get local businesses started with a great web site, then help them understand what they need to succeed online, and finally: offer support in either an education or a service role.

It’s been a tough economy. Edmonds businesses have had to get creative to stay afloat.  A very cost-effective way to do this has been to harness the web to drive business.  However, with the wrong direction and focus, a company has the potential to waste a lot of time and energy.  It’s important to have a team you can trust that can steer you in the right direction.  Edmonds Web Design is that resource to bring the results.

What are some of these resources that can help Edmonds businesses with their Web Design needs and ultimately, their Total Online Presence?

A Summary of the Process:

Planning > Designing > Building > SEO > Social Media > New Media > Evaluating > Coaching/Servicing/Marketing


Having launched a wealth of web sites in Edmonds, we have the knowledge to plan effectively and efficiently to get your web site designed in a timely manner.  Depending on your needs, we have different planning paths for different levels of projects.  For example: If you only need a basic web site, you don’t need the same depth of planning that a large e-commerce store would need.  [Read More: Planning a Website]


First, the creative spark! Edmonds businesses often need a creative partner to help make their visions a reality.  From a soft whisper to a bellowing roar, we listen to your creative voice and use that to make magic happen.  Then we utilize the years of experience in the following software to get the job done:

  • Photoshop – Illustrator – Dreamweaver – Corel Painter – Fireworks – Flash
  • Hand Coding: HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript, Actionscript, Java
  • Plus: Using Digital SLR Cameras
  • HD Video and Editing

Another important aspect of having a good web designer: Authoring Skills.  We understand that not everyone is an expert at writing copy for your web site.  That’s why if you are having difficulty writing the text for your web site, you can hire us to do that (or wrap it into the rest of the package).  This can help to get your web design project done on a faster time line.


Most all of the sites we build utilize a CMS (Content Management System).  This is done so you, your staff, or our team can quickly go into your site and make changes using industry standard ways of editing.  Here are the CMS we are familiar with:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla!
  • Business Catalyst
  • Magento
  • Concrete5

Talk to Edmonds Web Design about which one is right for you.  CONTACT FORM

We also have a lot of experience setting up domain names and web hosting accounts for a seamless launch.

Search Engine Optimizing

A part of web design and marketing is Search Engine Optimization.  This means doing everything you can to make your website come up favorably when someone searches for your category of product or service.  A misconception is “I’m well optimized” when they are only coming up favorably when someone types in the name of the company.  This is usually an easy thing to do, what’s harder is to come up prominently on page 1 for the category people would search for, i.e. Car Exhaust Repair vs. Jimmy’s Repair.

Want more free tips and advice? Set up an appointment with Edmonds Web Design to chat about ideas for your business.

Social Media, Networking, and Newsletters

…like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.  Edmonds Web Design is not trying to be the expert on everything – we partner with local experts to give you the best resources in this field.  We can offer to maintain your accounts in this area once you have them set up and have your goals defined.  This can be a very important part of your Total Online Presence and it can be time consuming to do it yourself.  Edmonds Web Design is here to help.

Another very important way to keep in touch with your clients is with an Email Newsletter.  If you find it’s too much to manage doing this but understand the importance of it: Edmonds Web Design can manage this for you as well.

New Media

Video is a great way to reach out to more people on the web.  We provide affordable video so that you can continue to produce content as a fresh stream to keep your viewers engaged.  Utilizing both Video Cameras for a sharp video look and dSRLs for a more cinematic look, Edmonds Web Design can keep the videos coming.  We can also help post and manage videos on the popular video sites.

Mobile Websites and Apps: Have your website double as a Mobile Website with elegant coding so you don’t need two separate web sites.  We can also develop Mobile apps on iPhone and Android for those who need Apps.


You need to see results from your time and money invested in your Online Presence.  From the start we set up statistics packages to give you a meaningful look into what’s going on online.  We also encourage and facilitate simple questionnaires for all clients working with you to ask “how did you find us/hear about us?”

After evaluating we can further help with Refining your web presence.


Are you technologically savvy but aren’t up to date on the latest techniques for staying on TOP?  We offer coaching to get you up to speed on tasks that you can do to keep your Total Online Presence fresh, vibrant, and profitable.


Are you a busy Small to Medium sized business owner that knows you don’t have the time or staff to maintain a healthy online presence?  Hire us to be your “Web Department”.  It will be much more cost effective than having employees to hire, train, provide benefits, and manage.  There are a range of flexible plans to achieve your goals.

Now you know the depth of services Edmonds Web Design provides and why its important to have an expert to guide you on these things.  Contact us to get started on the right path!

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