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Expired Deal! We Still have this service though at it’s full price.
Special: $300 for Conversion to Mobile-friendly web design

What do we mean by “Convert OLD site to Mobile-Friendly”?

You already have a website for your company, but it does not look good on mobile phones or tablets. For $300, we will make it so your current web design Transforms into a mobile-friendly site when viewed on a phone or tablet. We will do so by using Responsive Web Design which means that you only need one web design for all devices – instead of having a separate Mobile-site (which you’d have to maintain separately)

What is the value of doing this?

Around 30% of Web Browsing is now done on mobile devices. Isn’t that a pretty large percentage to ignore? By making your site Mobile-friendly with Responsive Design, you will create a great first impression of your business online when displayed on mobile devices. Using Responsive Web Design instead of a separate Mobile-site can be beneficial and cost saving:

  • Only 1 site needs to be maintained – this site adapts to all screens
  • Many Mobile-site providers charge a monthly fee to run the mobile site. Isn’t that one too many monthly fees? Here, we are offering an affordable, one-time cost to getting your site mobile-friendly
  • Responsive also helps your site look great on very large screens!
  • You can keep your unique web site design look on both desktop and mobile, often mobile-sites use templates that have nothing to do with your REAL web design look

Who can benefit?

This special is designed for companies who already like their current web design, but just want it to adapt to mobile. Maybe you recently had your website redesigned but that was before the mobile-thing came into full swing. Maybe your older web design is just classic, and still looks good after all these years. If so, you are a great candidate for utilizing this awesome special.  If not, you can still use this special to get your site mobile-friendly, but you may want to add a re-design project onto it (you don’t have to, you can always do that later)

What are the limitations?

This does not include a total redesign of the look of your site (see above).  It will make it so your site adapts to all screen sizes, but does not mean that you will get a style upgrade to your site in general.  Imagine your current site design, but with the ability to convert into an easily readable and view-able design on phones and tablets.

Some really advanced designs or structures may require additional costs, but we try to keep that to a minimum.  The best thing to do is call Edmonds Web Design (Mountain Multimedia) for a free evaluation of your site.

How do I get this deal?

Just call: 206.683.6768 to set up a free evaluation.  This deal won’t be around forever!  This deal expires after 20 takers or 07/15/2013, whichever comes first.


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